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Akilah Silke Güç


Akilah Silke Güç was born and raised in Berlin. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies, English and American Studies, she’s doing her Master’s in Translation Studies. She is the technical editor of the YouTube podcast BlackRockTalk which means she is responsible for the transcription and translation. Akilah values the empowerment of Black people which plays a key role in her activism. She initiated a tutoring group for Black kids and managed the project Black Diaspora Art, both in cooperation with the grassroots organization Each One Teach One e.V. She also co-organized an exchange programme between young Black people from Germany, Ghana, Swaziland and United Kingdom. Akilah seeks to address socio-political issues around the queer Black community, e.g. in the frame of the CuTieBIPoC festival. In her free time, she loves to cook South African food and listen to 90’s R&B and Hip Hop.


Updated May 2019