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Catherine Neilan



Catherine Neilan is a Politics Live Editor at the Telegraph, where she is responsible for covering breaking news and finding exclusives from Westminster and beyond. She has nearly 15 years of journalism experience, covering a range of issues and sectors including social affairs, retail, and the media. She earned her master’s degree in International Journalism from City University, and a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Bristol University. She is married and has two young children, which means she can’t indulge in long-distance running as much as she used to, but makes do with chasing the boys around London’s museums instead. Catherine lived and worked in China for two years, and still misses the shui jaio, but not the smog.

“This pandemic has amplified our toxic culture wars, and monologues masquerading as debate. If we don’t start listening to each other soon, I worry our democracy will fail.”

Learn more about Catherine’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.

Updated June 2021