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Fredi Bechtoldt


Born and raised in Frankfurt’s exurbs, Fredi Bechtoldt is finishing his MA in Philosophy. In Marburg, he wrote his bachelor thesis on world poverty and responsibility and in Frankfurt his master thesis is about limitless morality. Since 2015, Fredi has been interested in Effective Altruism, a movement of mostly young people who try to do as much good as possible with limited resources. In 2019, he moved from Frankfurt to Blackpool, Great Britain, to live in a community house full of effective altruists. Afterwards, Fredi volunteered as a translator at Animal Ethics before starting a research internship there. He is now looking into methods for assessing the well-being of animals living in the wild. In his spare time, Fredi is a hockey coach which enables him to work with children of all ages. After his MA, he plans to work for an NGO to tackle poverty or animal suffering.

Updated May 2020