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Frederik Kirk

IT and Innovation Project Leader


 As a Biomedical Engineer and project manager, Fredrik has spent most of his career dealing with data. He is working in the public sector, focusing on making data available for healthcare providers in diagnostics enabling them to make better decisions, whether through automation or development of new software services. To help ensure individual’s data is handled properly, he founded a small startup with two friends from the BioMedical Design Fellowship to tackle how images and videos are managed in healthcare today – a space in which there are currently no good solutions. A large part of the startup is understanding General Data Protection Regulation and how to manage data properly.

Combined with learnings from the Humanity in Action Fellowship, the startup work is fueling his interest in privacy protection. He volunteers through the NGO Søholm 4H. He loves playing board games with friends and family, and he uses principles from games to create immersive educational experiences through his youth work.

Updated November 2022