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Freya Kahlen


Freya Merethe Kahlen is a writer, student and activist dedicated to advancing social justice, minority protection and promoting a sustainable future.
Born and raised in Germany, Freya currently lives and studies in The Hague, where she is pursuing her BSc in Security Studies with a minor in HC Governance and Global Affairs. She is now preparing for a semester abroad in Uppsala, Sweden, expanding her knowledge in Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity studies.
Apart from her academic career, Freya is also the Chair of the Financial Committee of the Study Association L.S.A. Custodia, where she is responsible for budgeting, quarterly reviews, and overseeing merchandise. She is a founding member of an LGBTQIA+ peer education initiative aimed at empowering and educating marginalized youths in her community and is involved in grass-roots climate activism. Additionally, she writes and performs spoken word poetry, essays, and short stories.


Updated May 2023.