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Ghislaine Durand


From gens du voyage descent through her mother, Ghislaine Durand becomes a schoolteacher in 1975, to then become director of a primary school. She is a freelance journalist for a while, and is involved in politics quite early on: at 16, she joins the Communist Party. She leaves the political sphere in 1984, only to be elected as an independent today in the city of Bron.

She is the Chair of Regards de Femmes Tziganes, an organization which promotes Roma and Tzigane culture through the education of women, and also runs various legal actions to fight discrimination. An elected representative at the European Roma and Traveler Forum, she represents the views of Nicolas Gheorghe who asked her to organize the political visibility of the Roma in France. For a few months now, she has also been working at the European Social and Economic Forum on access to schools and the education of Roma youth and women.


Updated February 2011