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Jozsef Rostas


Jozsef studies at the Law Faculty of ELTE in Budapest, Hungary. Through his service with Roma and Jewish civil society organizations, including the Romani Design Social Firm, Romedia Foundation, and Roma Informal Education Center, he has cultivated a passion for advocacy in Hungary. From fighting for the recognition of the Roma inthe Holocaust to promoting human rights for all Hungarians, Jozsef has focused this passion on working on Roma discrimination issues and developing a career as an advocate for Hungary’s Roma population. Jozsef has has previously studied at a summer school program in the United States that is administered by the Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission. He has also spent time working in the United States with Teach for America and Teach for All to implement a similar TFA education program in Hungary. He has participated in international anti-discrimination conferences and human rights trainings in the UK, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands and Denmark. In his free time, Jozsef enjoys traveling, reading, and researching.


Updated January 2015