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Laura Westring



Laura Westring is a writer, speech writing instructor and senior strategic communications and culture Manager at Amiqus, a tech for good company. During her EU career her work to help young women gain positive leadership skills was recognised by Barack Obama when the White House requested that she introduce the President’s Address to European Youth during his 2014 visit to Brussels. Laura’s speech made headlines and later that year she became the youngest political speechwriter at the European Commission. Ronald de Bruin included a chapter about her impact in his book Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions. After the EU membership referendum in 2016, Laura returned to Scotland to work with profit for purpose companies. She believes trends in speech making are an important indication of the health of our democracy and occasionally provides news commentary. Laura is an inaugural Alfred Landecker Democracy fellow, a supplier of speech writing training to the Scottish Parliament and soon to be published children’s author.

“It is my hope that young people who are yet to consider themselves as the enhancers of democracy discover the power of their voices and heed the call to participate in the movements that matter to them most.”

Learn about Laura´s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.

You can find Laura’s Blog here and you can visit The Caledonia School of Speech Writing here.


Updated January 2022