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Laure Assayag


Born in Paris, Laure is a graduate student in a double full-time master degree in American History at the EHESS and in Philosophy at Paris- Sorbonne. In Philosophy, she studies compromise with minority in democracies and in History she focuses on the Black Power. She will conduct research and interview former leaders in Columbia University, New York, thanks to a scholarship. She always sought to balance her demanding academic curriculum with practical involvements; alongside her studies she decided to work at the Museum of Immigration in Paris, a place that corresponds to her values for equality. She also spent a semester in King’s College, Cambridge, as well as in Loyola University, Chicago; in her spare time, Laure has worked in several organizations to make art accessible to everyone (Museum of Modern Art, Ministry of Culture). She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in History to study the philosophical roots of the Black Power.


Updated May 2016