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Margaret Leszko


Malgorzata Leszko was born in Poland, but her interest in human rights stems from having been raised in former Yugoslavia during and after the civil war. She graduated from the Warsaw University with a major in Polish. For the last 4 years she has been a project coordinator in Center for Citizenship Education. She educates teachers and students on the issues of discrimination and hate speech, encouraging them to take action against intolerance. Some of the programs she worked on are ‘Leaders of Tolerance’ and ‘Hatred – I’m against it’. She is also the coordinator of Irena Sendler Award ‘For Repairing the World’, which aims to reward teachers determined to teach about human rights. Malgorzata’s other passion is local community involvment: in her spare time she strives to engage her neighbors in the community life: she initiates neighborhood picnics, mentors residents who carry out activities for common good.


Updated May 2016