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No to Hate Speech on the Internet

Antivirus Initiatives to Break the Cycle of Hate

Hate speech is a violation of human rights. In cyberspace it acts like a virus, quickly spreading and mutating. It most often targets minorities. No one should remain indifferent to expressions of hate speech. Unfortunately, every day the overwhelming reaction is passivity. How can we change this and mobilize young people to act?

This project aims to reach the widest audience possible and thus includes a range of initiatives.

Antivirus Initatives

“Images Against Hate” Competition Results

After intense deliberations, the jury of the competition has selected the following winners:

  • Paola Cabaj
  • Radoslaw Kowalik
  • Tomasz Majcher
  • Dawid Świeży

It was not an easy task considering the originality of your ideas. Thank you to all contestants!

This project was made possible through our partnership and collaboration with:

This project is implemented through the Citizens of Democracy program and is generously funded by: