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Maria González Leal


Maria González Leal position themselves as Afro- Cuban- German, fat, queer and with East- German socialisation. As antidiscrimination consultant, educator, workshop facilitator, content- producer, and moderator, Maria González Leal works and researches in the fields of consultation, public relations, education and awareness work. The consulting activities also include the preparation of expert reports on sensitive language and sensitive reading from multiple marginalized perspectives. In addition, Maria González Leal writes expert reports on behalf of cultural and art institutions on the extent to which spaces and objects require an intersectional contextualization in order to make them more accessible. The intersectional approach focuses on the following topics: anti- racism,  weight discrimination, intersectional feminism, queerness, invisible dis_ abilities, mental illness as dis_ ability, chronic illness,  East-German socialization and inherited poverty. The aim is to make visible different forms of discrimination, multiple discrimination as well as their connections with each other and to design solutions with allies in order to dismantle structures of violence.

Updated June 2022