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Michaela LaPlante


Michaela is a scientist, writer and avid outdoors person. During her bachelors degree, she spent a year in France to develop her language skills and work in a biology laboratory. This experience inspired her to pursue interdisciplinary projects that merge science and language. She moved to Ireland to pursue an MA in Languages and Cultures, where she focused her dissertation on the importance of indigenous belief systems within decolonial feminism. She now studies Epidemiology at Utrecht University and is working on a project on HIV and the vaginal microbiome that could provide important insights into exposure for high-risk women. She is passionate about gender equity, and has a vision of working in public health focused on decolonization. She is also interested in sustainable agriculture and is engaged in Groentetas: a farm-to-student vegetable collective. You can find her at local cultural events or hiking, camping, and climbing in the hills.

Updated May 2023