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Mohamad Othman


Mohamad Othman is a researcher and educator. Born and raised in Damascus and currently residing in Berlin, Mohamad has pursued an academic path that spans Mathematics at Damascus University and Economics and Politics at Bard College Berlin before his MA in Research Training at Humboldt University, where he explores the impacts of displacement and the potential for education to transform public attitudes toward refugees.

Mohamad is presently employed at Mnemonic, where he contributes to the Syrian archive project, ensuring the integrity of digital documentation that supports human rights advocacy and accountability. He has been a Tour Manager for Refugee Voices Tours since 2016, leading the “Why We’re Here” tour, which sensitively connects Berlin’s historical sites to Syria’s contemporary crises, drawing insightful parallels that educate and provoke thought among participants. He developed the interactive workshop “In Someone Else’s Shoes,” which is designed to build empathy and understanding.

Updated May 2024