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Karam Yahya


Mohamed Karam Yahya was born and raised in Damascus, Syria before moving with his family to Amman, Jordan. He started his academic career as an English language student at the Arab College in Amman. After graduating in 2011, Karam started his Bachelor’s degree at Hashimite University in Zarqa City, Jordan, specializing in literature and cultural studies. Beside his studies, he was an active member of the university theater, which qualified him to play in several international and professional theater festivals. In 2013, he graduated from Hashimite University and started his work career with Actionaid ARI as a Community Mobilizer at the Zataree refugee camp. Currently, Karam is a Master’s student at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, completing his Master’s in Political Science. He works for the European Student Union as a consultant and for Shared Studios, a global communications project working in 40 countries around the globe. He is also an active cultural mediator in Jugend Rettet, and at the Refugee School Chios, Greece. Karam acted as a consultant in the conception of this Forum and is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (2017 Berlin Fellowship Program).

Updated May 2019