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Nakeema Stefflbauer


Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer is a Brooklyn native and a long-term Berlin resident with a background in research, technology transformation and social entrepreneurship. She holds an Executive MBA from the disruptive Quantic School of Management, as well as degrees from Brown University and Harvard University. As the founder and CEO of the German non-profit organization, FrauenLoop, Dr. Stefflbauer leverages her decades of digitalization experience to address the marginalization of immigrant, refugee, and working-parent women from the technology industry. She is passionate about the urgency of broadening access to technology and her work has focused, in particular, on the impact of artificial intelligence adoption on marginalized communities. Most recently, Dr. Stefflbauer has spoken about automated decision-making software and discrimination at the European Parliament, at Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany) and at the 2019 Re:publica conference, among others.

Updated September 2020