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Nersad Ikanović


Nersad is a management graduate student in his last year at the Sarajevo School of Economics and Business. He is passionate about sustainability, cosmopolitism, tolerance, equal opportunities, and human rights. For this reason, he spent five years volunteering with the Erasmus Student Network Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he helped with event planning, integrating new foreign students into the country, and promoting awareness of the Erasmus program. Nersad had the experience of studying abroad for several semesters through the Erasmus program. He considers this a significant success for EU politics in terms of providing young people opportunities for both professional and personal growth, particularly for those from non-EU nations. In order to learn about and get insight into the German political system, he also completed an internship in the Bundestag. He enjoys reading, hiking, learning new things, and purchasing second-hand items when he has free time.

Updated May 2023