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Qali Nur


Qali Nur is a Dutch-Somali journalist, filmmaker and educator.
Previously she worked as a researcher on the 20-part documentary series ‘In Europe’ produced by the Dutch TV broadcaster the VPRO. Currently, Nur works as an investigative journalist for Lost in Europe (LIEU). A project started by a collective of journalists who focus on the plight of unaccompanied (disappeared) migrant children in Europe. Within LIEU, she focuses on the pushbacks of unaccompanied children in Europe as well as the lack of adequate mental health care for these children in the Netherlands.

In 2021 Nur co-directed the documentary ‘ Between Mountains and wars’, which premiered at the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival as well as the short documentary ‘Children at the Border’. Currently, she is writing and researching for both documentary and fiction films that she is hoping to make in the coming year.


Updated June 2022