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Riad Arslanović


Riad Arslanović holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Faculty of Political Sciences University of Sarajevo and plans to enroll in the Master studies at the same department in the fall of 2021. Riad is EDVACAY 2019/20 Alumnus and HIA BiH Media&Information Games participant. He was an assistant producer at Sarajevo Film Festival and coordinator of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Serbia at European Youth Olympics Festival 2019 (EYOF) in Sarajevo. As a philanthropist, Riad loves helping people and has been a part of the Red Cross of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a regular blood donor for over 4 years now. During his studies, Riad was a part of the Association of Political Science Students in Sarajevo. Within this students’ Association, He fought for improvement of student rights and of education system organisation within his Faculty. As a part of his participation in the EDVACAY program, Riad was a team leader of the group that made a short film ‘Traveller’ which focuses on the people on the move – immigrants and their life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is one of the topics he is very passionate about.

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Updated February 2021