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Samu/elle Striewski


Samu/elle Striewski has studied mathematics, philosophy and comparative literature in Berlin, Paris and New York City. At Columbia University they did research on postcolonial translation (supervised by Gayatri Spivak), queering of recognition theory (sup. Axel Honneth) and trans* politics and embodiment in Kafka’s work (sup. Jack Halberstam). They have published in academic and popular journals on nonbinary and bisexual politics, and presented conference talks on planetary ecofeminism, queer solidarity and recognition theory. Beyond their academic activities, they strongly believe in the importance of civil engagement, therefore they are part of several activist groups that organize workshops on drag (they are themselves regularly performing as “La Prince*ss”) and on critically rethinking masculinities, events on queer histories, and community demonstrations for bi- and pansexual people. As a fellow of HIA, they extend their belief in participatory democracy by launching a podcast that features the diversity of activism in Germany.

Updated May 2023