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Saskia Vrensen


Saskia Vrensen is a Dutch-American academic who maintains faith that the law can be used to make positive changes in society and politics. She has graduated from an LLM in Public International Law and is pursuing another LLM in International Refugee and Migration law, and has dedicated most of her recent research to understanding how colonialism is embedded in (international) law and policy, which in turn facilitate the contemporary manifestation of the colonial project. Most recently, has worked with Dutch human rights law firm Prakken d’Oliveira and Dutch strategic litigation firm PILP in arguing for the right to residency for ex-Dutch Surinamese people undocumented in the Netherlands on the basis of the international human rights obligations of the Netherlands, as well as on the basis of their moral obligations for its role in slavery and colonialism. Outside of academia, Saskia loves to bake and visit contemporary art museums.

Updated May 2023