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Tessa Bannink


Tessa Bannink is a Dutch student at SciencesPo, where she studies political philosophy (among some other fields) – though she likes to get herself out of the theoretical into the practical when she engages with climate activism. Tessa enjoys spending her time debating with friends (was Marx right?), organising environmental projects, getting involved in the French social movement and going through the occasional arrest for civil disobedience. After being raised in Amsterdam, moving to Armenia to finish high school and moving to France to do her bachelor’s degree, Tessa has had the chance to discover many different cultures and is eager to continue this exploration. During her summers, she organises a short course called Building a Sustainable Future (this summer will be her third) where she brings together youth to learn about intersectionality, inequalities, social paradigms and the like – topics Tessa is very passionate about.

Updated May 2023