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Tetiana Kotelnykova


Tetiana Kotelnykova is a Ukrainian activist, law student, and delegate of the League for the Protection of women’s Rights “Harmony of Equals”. She has been an internally displaced person since 2014 and a refugee since 2022. Tetiana is also the founder of ” Mentorpoint”, the first mentorship program in Ukraine for the young people who move from the temporarily occupied territory and Crimea. She conducted research about how teenagers from Donbas are trying to enter universities during the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Her work has been featured widely in publications such as Zaborona and Donbas 24. Besides that, she took part in Mentorship Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Network Ukraine and Boris Nemtsov School of Journalism and Sociocultural Studies.

For more information about Tetiana’s endeavors, follow her on LinkedIn.

Updated May 2022