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Usha Dahal


Usha Dahal is a student of MSc Global Health at the University of Copenhagen, and she is graduating in September 2021. Before starting her master’s program, she worked in National and International Non-Governmental Organisations, CAED Nepal, and Ipas Nepal. She advocated for women’s and child’s health rights and implemented the Safe Abortion Policy in collaboration with the District Health Office, where she contributed to increased access to health care services and reduced morbidity and mortality among women and girls. She has an interest in equality and equity issues in the health and well-being of people affected by contextual factors such as socio-economic, political, and cultural factors. In her leisure time, she reads and writes poetry, and watches movies. She is keen to meet new people and explore nature and different cultures so she often travels to different countries during her vacations.


Updated April 2021.