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Vlad Dumitrescu

Non-Profit Educator


Vlad Dumitrescu has a lot of love and interest for the non-governmental sector. Their journey started 20 years ago with the UNESCO youth club ecosystem, later engaging with more than 10,000 organizations in Romania and Europe. Their projects tackled a range of issues, including nonformal education, culture, participation, environment, and human rights for all, especially through gender and queer perspectives. Vlad is currently working for the Civil Society Development Foundation in Bucharest, Romania. As the Program Visionaire, they develop unique capacity building programs for nonprofits. Their main attention nowadays is coordinating the first long-term Romanian learning program for young people involved in the non-governmental sector. Even though they hold two bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Environmental Sciences and a master’s degree in Regional Development and Environmental Changes, Vlad feels that their work experience over the years has been more valuable for their development because action drives them more than theories. In their free time, Vlad especially enjoys dancing. They have been involved in contemporary dance for the past ten years, using dance and movement methodologies in their work and in their life.

“My intention is to create and maintain connections between people and help facilitate the context in which we can all work together for better, more equal, and democratic societies.”

Learn more about Vlad’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated June 2021