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365zaljudskaprava (365 for Human Rights)


365zaljudskaprava (365 for Human Rights) is a project initiative developed and implemented by a young group of enthusiasts passionate about Human Rights and Democracy – 2021 Sarajevo Fellowship participants Melina Kalem and Benjamin Nurkić, and 2021 Copenhagen Fellow Kanita Buljubašić. Through an interesting and innovative way, the fellows want to remind everyone about their own Human Rights and how they tend to be at stake every day, especially in the times affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their general idea is to create a design template that will feature an interesting quote, picture, or important information that will include the status of a certain group whose human rights are currently endangered in BiH. After creating the design, their aim is to find corporate companies whose products are popular on the Bosnian market and try to convince them to use the design on the packaging of their products. They want to achieve that by sending a promotional video via e-mail with which they will try to convince them to use their sticker quote.

The final event will feature all the companies which will agree to use the sticker on their products and who want to collaborate with the 365zaljudskaprava team. The plan is to launch the product packages with the sticker for commercial use beginning of December 2021 to coincide with Human Rights month. Our team believes that with this initiative they will bring the fight for human rights to the heart and the eyes of the everyday buyers and raise awareness about the importance of equality and respect all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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365 for Human Rights Promo Video

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