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Exploring the Unsurprising Rise of Anti-Asian Violence in the U.S.


The rise of physical hate crimes against Asian people across the United States, as well as the significant loss of business for Chinese restaurants in the New York City metropolitan area, has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is still very limited academic literature and discourse on the impacts of Anti-Asian racism on the modern perception of Chinese food and restaurants in the United States. The drastic increase of anti-Asian violence during the COVID-19 pandemic is also missing from the discussion.

Sabrina’s blog post and seminar addressed the lack of discourse surrounding anti-Asian violence in historical understandings of business and commerce in the New York City metropolitan area. She used a historical analysis of the Chinese American restaurant industry in the U.S. as a case study. Additionally, Sabrina aimed to prompt discussion about how to support local Chinese American restaurants on a structural level.