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Our Ombudsperson

Committed to providing an open, respectful, and safe environment for all those who engage with us.

As in society at large, also in Humanity in Action’s educational programs and in other ventures of the Humanity in Action community, situations that are in violation of the organization’s code of conduct can arise.

Humanity in Action USA has established a designated point of contact to serve members of the Humanity in Action network who experience discriminatory behavior that emanates from other members of the network.

While Humanity in Action staff is at the Fellows’ full disposal to support victims of any incidents of such kind, a designated board member is additionally available via phone or e-mail at it might in some situations be more comfortable to confide in someone who has greater distance from Humanity in Action programming or any parties involved in such incidents. Our ombudsperson will listen closely to anyone affected and will advise on a confidential basis. Where necessary, and only after consulting with the affected person, the ombudsperson may choose to involve another person from the Board of Directors and/or involve a professional to work on the case.