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Danas nismo, sutra jesmo (Cities of the Future)


EDVACAY participants Nudžejma Karajić, Kenan Tršić, Amar Buljubašić, and Amina Sejmenović created the project “Danas nismo, sutra jesmo“, drawing inspiration from the powerful concept of “Artivism“ and a community-building concept of paint-by-numbers. The project will promote youth participation to showcase the cities of the future by engaging the community in Velika Kladuša and Bijeljina to jointly paint a design created by young architects from BiH. There will be a selection process for the volunteers that will participate in the making of the artwork, the selected participants will have the privilege of seeing their artwork on a wall of an institution that has a heavy presence in the city. In addition to the installation, an informative display will accompany the project, explaining the goal of the project. The project will be promoted through multiple media outlets to engage and inspire the future generation for the city of the future.

Together, let’s ignite change and embark on a journey towards a more vibrant and sustainable cityscape.

This project is supported by: