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My Uyghur Origin


The Uyghur genocide is a systematic campaign of mass incarceration, forced labor carried out against over one million Uyghur people. Uyghur people deserve to be safe and free to live their lives without fear of persecution. My Uyghur Origin initiative aims to raise awareness about the Uyghur genocide to compel individuals and policymakers around the world to take action against this human rights crisis. Authoritarian governments continue to commit genocides and erase cultures – Uyghur culture cannot be next.

This project focuses on three strategic pillars. First, the stories of Uyghur refugees’ lived experiences will be collected and documented. Second, the project aims to increase awareness of Uyghur culture through cultural production and educational offerings. Third, My Uyghur Origin seeks to build partnerships to advocate policy that supports Uyghurs globally.

In May, Sayid presented his project at the Center for Public Leadership Harvard Kennedy School. In addition to this, the School published an article about Sayid’s project titled “Preserving and honoring Uyghur culture.”


Updated May 2024