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Sarajevske Debate/Sarajevo Debates


“Sarajevske Debate” is an ambitious youth-led initiative based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina that seeks to revive critical discourse and counteract the political manipulation of historical memory. Its primary mission is to empower young people from all ethnic and social backgrounds to analyze the “politics of memory” through constructive dialogue, multimedia storytelling, and public debates.

The Sarajevske debate project provides a multimedia platform to elevate the authentic voices and perspectives of Bosnia’s next generation who remain deeply impacted by their regional history and largely unheard. Young participants will create photo and video content sharing their lived experiences for campaigns across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Influencers and educators will be engaged as advisors and mentors.

A central website will host articles and serve as a hub for online workshops to build skills in research, storytelling, and respectful argumentation. The culminating live events will be public debates in Sarajevo where diverse youth representatives convene to discuss pressing topics related to memory politics. Educators and policymakers will be invited to witness these candid, nuanced, and meaningful intergenerational dialogues. Ultimately, the Sarajevske debate project champions young voices too often marginalized.


Updated April 2024