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YAN YANA: Creating Participatory Spaces for Remembrance, Music and Culture


YAN YANA envisions transforming the successful festival concept into a sustainable organization, creating enduring structures. The project aims to foster connections among similar communities across Europe and beyond. The Fellowship resources will be used to consult with experts and to find a fitting structure to sustain and advance the existing movement. Methodologically, YAN YANA combines entrepreneurship with an anthropological approach and critical thinking. Using open innovation methodology, the project would like to incorporate Melissa’s community’s knowledge to create further offerings.

With planned field trips to Viennna, Brussels, and Dersim, Melissa would like to use anthropological methods to find untold stories and music and get inspiration for how those can be told.

YAN YANA will serve as a nurturing home for the festival and community Melissa Established. Beyond that, it will become a valuable resource, empowering individuals within migrant communities to realize their own project ideas. The organization will serve as a platform for public speaking, guest curation, and providing expertise to support their own scaling-up process and professionalization and to develop strategies and methodologies for other activists.

YAN YANA also aims to accomplish consultative work, as well as historic research offerings to the respective communities to reconnect with their own history.


Updated April 2024