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EDVACAY Alumni Podcast Project


This initiative is focused on showcasing the work and successes of five participants from the previous nine generations of the EDVACAY program through a trending format of video podcast. Through five episodes of podcasts, EDVACAY Alumni Daniel Lazarević (2014/15) and Mahir Sijamija (2013/14) want to show to the wider audience how some of the participants benefited from this program, how
they used it in their formal and non-formal education, and how they led by their example and encouraged others to be socially responsible and active in their local community.

By making these podcast episodes and talking to some of the most successful participants, Daniel and Mahir believe they can achieve their project’s goals which are additional promotion of the EDVACAY program and encouraging the youth in BiH to apply to the new programming cycle, and to raise awareness about human rights and what it means to be an active citizen by show casing examples of implemented projects from previous years. All recorded episodes in video format will be broadcasted through the Humanity in Action BiH social networks and web platforms which will serve as an additional promotion of the program, its participants, and will enable potential new applicants to see what impact the program has on youth activism in BiH.

This project is generously supported by: