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The integration policy in Denmark, focuses on returning Syrian refugees rather than helping them make a home here in Denmark.

To call attention to the hardships Syrian refugees face in Denmark, Nour made a documentary for her action project. She worked with a movie director, but functioned as the lead producer for this documentary. Nour started by posting an add on social media, for families who would like to participate. They then chose to follow the life of Mesbah Msheelm and his family. They stayed with Mesbah and his children, filming their life, both the struggles and the uplifting moments,  for multiple days. Nour then translated the entire film sequence to Arabic for the subtitles, and prepared the different scenes, with editing help from the director.

“what touched me the most, was the scene where we went through the family photos in Syria. The father said “we had a good life and good memories in Syria, we traveled so long and put ourselves in danger in hope of making new happy memories, and have dignified life here in Denmark, but it was not the case”. To me, it summarize every Syrian refugee struggle in Denmark. We are here because of the Syrian uprising for a just and dignified life, we are here because we want to be part of a constructive society and humanity. Which we couldn’t be and will never be able to do under the Assad government dictatorship.”- Nour Moazzen

The documentary was released on IMDb and can be watched at this link.