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Hate Speech in Sports


The EDVACAY Fellows group consisting of Danijel Rajić, Tarik Veispahić, Marko Mutić was driven by an increasing amount of hate speech in sports fields, as well as by realization that the topic is being ignored and suppressed outside of public discourse. The objective of the group is to record a ~twenty-minute long documentary film in which they will interview fans and club representatives, coaches and referees, and thus show the situation from the perspective of the actors themselves. By interviewing different actors they will attempt to demonstrate how politics, ethnicity and religion easily find their way into different types of sports venues through sports fans, which become the media of transmitting various exclusive attitudes towards “others” by using hate speech. This documentary film aims to help in understanding of the hate speech phenomenon, and reduce its rates in sports.

Encouraged by sports as a positive example of raising children, creating a team and competitive spirit, expanding perspectives and meeting new people, the group decides to explore the so-called negative side of the sport, contrary to the values stated above, which relates to hate speech among sports fans.


This project is generously supported by: