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The Turtle Tank: Social Equity and Sustainability Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs


Democracy cannot be separated from the economy, and the economy cannot be separated from entrepreneurship. Therefore, the easiest way to transform the world is through social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

This begins with the founders’ mindsets. What if young entrepreneurs were identified and instilled in them the necessary mindset, resources, and tools about the importance of social equity and sustainability? What were they taught to reorient their startup functions to incorporate these qualities?

Presenting THE TURTLE TANK! The Turtle Tank aims to help nurture a set of entrepreneurs who can influence the world with the help of technology that is devoid of discrimination and promotes sustainability.

The objective is threefold:
  • to design and develop a curriculum for a bootcamp accelerator to instill social equity and sustainability philosophies in technology startups;
  • to conduct a pilot program and evaluate the outcomes; and
  • to launch a Turtle Tank Community of Entrepreneurs who believe in social equity and sustainability in their startups.

The Impact has the potential to be expansive. Around 30-45 individuals gain the awareness of the resources and tools needed for incorporating social equity and sustainable practices in their startups.

These individuals then go on to become leaders in promoting these concepts in their circles. The case studies will also be disseminated on social media and will create better awareness toward these topics.


Updated November 2022