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Visualize Your Action


“Visualize Your Action!” was the first general short videos competition in Ukraine, aiming to collect and show best practices of the Civil Society.

“Visualize Your Action!” has become a platform of short videos to share knowledge in building a democratic society, visually establish key Humanity in Action values in connecting, educating and inspiring Ukrainian and international network of young leaders. An online database of best practices will shed a light to what has been done in Ukraine, what has not been done yet, and what is being solved in Humanity in Action countries, as best examples of millions of activists.

This project was created to ensure that the existing community projects and activities will become better know and understood by the greatest number of people.

Today, 22 years after the proclamation of Independence, Civil society in Ukraine is still scattered and little is known about actions of small local communities and leaders. Many activists remain isolated, while solving certain issue. Younger generations are indifferent to problems that exist or are being solved. “It’s none of my business” philosophy of millions of young Ukrainians leads to the lack of interest in non-profit, volunteer work. Many issues, solved in bigger cities, remain completely isolated from rural areas.

Tamara and Iuliia are convinced that one of the main reasons for pessimism and apathy in our society is the lack of understanding by most Ukrainians of their own strengths and capabilities to independently solve social problems, as well as lack of awareness of the actions of those who are already working in this direction.

Senior Fellows Tamara Demydenko and Iuliia Zemlytska were inspired by Humanity in Action video reports, which deliver clear and vivid short video reports about international projects.

Unfortunately, these actions are often left out of the public attention and the media coverage. We admire the originality of ideas, energy and restless work of social activists and those, who through their daily actions make life a bit better for Ukrainians. The video language of civil society visualized real people, work, emotions, colors and details that make up a community project, every socially significant Action.

They hope that their collection of success stories will provide a platform for the exchange of experiences between community activists and volunteers, and will contribute to the visibility of small and big projects from all around the country.