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Humanity in Action Denmark, in the spirit of our Copenhagen Fellowship, offers the Teaching Academy opportunity to student teachers, new teachers as well as experienced teachers. The aim is give teachers tools and knowledge to bring human rights and inclusive values into the classroom.

Humanity in Action also offers webinars designed especially for teachers. Watch or re-watch our webinars. Links below the picture  

With this project, Humanity in Action Denmark hopes to instil a desire for active and responsible citizenship in students of all ages.

Classrooms across Denmark are increasingly diverse and therefore, Humanity in Action Denmark seeks to train generations of teachers to embrace their classrooms with empathy, cultural sensitivity, and tools to reach all students.

The Teaching Academy focuses on enhancing the teachers’ ability to teach and inspire school students to become active and committed citizens.

The Teacher Seminars takes different forms, from in person seminars to webinars. The focus of the seminars and webinars vary, but all deal with the different challenges teachers can meet in their class rooms, from questions of diversity and inclusion to questions of Human Righst, democracy and current topics that preoccupy our pupils.

The Teaching Academy Webinars

Teachers across the country are challenged daily by questions about the war in Ukraine. Pupils in Danish schools are influenced by news and media images, and they ask interested and concerned questions. What would your students like to know about Ukraine? And what would you, as a teacher, like to know more about in order to answer their questions? Watch our webinars designed especially for teachers. (The webinars are in Danish).