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Senior Fellow Action Day 2021

By Senior Fellows, For Senior Fellows.

Humanity in Action Denmark Presents the 2021 Senior Fellow Action Day

Join us for a full day of Workshops, Action Projects Pitches, and Networking! Reconnect with the network and rekindle old friendships.

Special keynote:
Minister-Counsellor Ms. Anna Knyazeva, the Russian Embassy in Denmark
“How is the Russian Federation working to ensure a sustainable and peaceful development of the Arctic?”

And Special Guest Star:
Sara Rahmeh, spoken word poet

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Read more – and see the full program – below the picture.

Senior Fellow Action Day 2019

Senior Fellow Action Day 2019

What is the Senior Fellow Action Day

The Action Day is a Senior Fellow led initiative to leverage our community’s strengths!

When: September 11, 2021 from 10.00 – 18.00
Where: Johan Borups Højskole, Frederiksholms Kanal 24, 1220 København

Or join us for just part of the day – it’s YOUR day, it’s up to YOU how you will use it!

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Special Keynote: Ms. Anna Knyazeva, Minister-Counsellor from the Russian Embassy in Denmark.

With the increasing focus on the Arctic region, and the current Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the Russian Embassy to Denmark will present Russian perspectives on how to keep the development in the region sustainable and peaceful. Ms. Knyazeva will address questions such as: How do we balance the economic potential of new trading routes and discoverage of ressources with climate obligations? How do we ensure a peaceful and cooperative environment between the arctic nations? How is the Russian Federation working to ensure a sustainable and peaceful development of the Arctic?

Moderator: Celine la Cour, Master student of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Special Guest: Spoken Word Poet Sara Rahmeh performes with a mixture of Spoken Word poetry and storytelling. Her poems are based on her own experiences, delivered with humor, self-irony and a critical look at contemporary socio-political structures. We hope you will enjoy this journey of word and senses with us.

What does the Action Day involve?

Have you finished your Action Project in recent years? Come join our Action Project Diploma Ceremony, get your personal diploma and official welcome into the Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network!  

Following the last two year’s success, Senior Fellow Action Day 2021 will focus on workshops led by Senior Fellows. These workshops are intended to equip Fellows and Senior Fellows with skills and knowledge to take action on key issues in their future career paths.

Action Day 2021 concludes this year’s Copenhagen Fellowship: “The Unity of the Realm and Human Rights”, with a special focus on Russia’s involvment in the Arctic Region.

Read about the 2021 Fellowship Theme: The Unity of the Danish Realm and Human Rights

Sign up NOW for the Senior Fellow Action Day and get a full day of inspiring workshops, talks, coffee/tea, and lunch for only DKK 100,-

It’s not too late to sign up to run your own workshop. A workshop could include exercises, role play or group work, something you’re passionate about, an experience you’ve had or your career path – anything that’s informative, fun and/or interesting. The world is your oyster!

The day includes:

  1. Keynote
  2. Workshops
  3. Action Project Pitches
  4. Action Project Diploma Ceremony
  5. Lunch
  6. Spoken Word Performance

See full program below.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Senior Fellow Action Day 2021 is generously supported by Tuborgfondet.

Fellows catching up, Senior Fellow Action Day 2019

Senior Fellow Action Day 2021 - Program

  • Zaterdag, September 11

    Location: Johan Borups Højskole, Frederiksholms Kanal 24, 1220 København K

    • Event Time:10.00-10.15

      Coffee & Registration

    • Event Time:10.15-10.30

      Welcome and introduction to the day

    • Event Time:10.30-11.30

      Keynote speaker: Ms. Anna Knyazeva, Minister-Counsellor at the Russian Embassy in Denmark.

      • "How is the Russian Federation working to ensure a sustainable and peaceful development of the Arctic?"

      • Moderator: Celine la Cour, Master student of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

    • Event Time:11.30-11.50


    • Event Time:11.50-12.50

      Workshops - Round One

      • Workshop 1 is led by Trine Pejstrup (2020 Cph Fellowship). Trine is a senior fellow from the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship. Currently, she works as a graduate professional with the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research in Geneva parallel to her studies at Copenhagen Business School. Trine has held two positions at the UN Secretariat in New York and worked with NGOs in China, Australia, and the Philippines. Her professional engagements have been based on an interest in public information and education, which will be highlighted in her workshop.

        Location:Workshop 1: "Educational development in the Unity of the Realm"

      • Workshop 2 is led by Cecilie Seidelin Nobel (2020 Cph Fellowship). How do you change ongoing human rights violations in a country like China? Although China has signed and ratified several human rights treaties, they continue the suppression of both religious and personal freedom in many regions such as Tibet and Xinjiang. China has immense influence in both political and economic spheres , which has led many governments to look the other way as economic gain has continuously been valued above human rights. The Chinese understanding of human rights and democracy is very different from the western, so in order to change these ongoing atrocities I believe it is imperative to understand these differences and why China act as they do.

        Location:Workshop 2: "The suppression of Uyghurs in China"

    • Event Time:13.00-14.00


      • From 'Send Flere Krydderier'

        (Daal with bread and salat)

    • Event Time:14.00-14.30

      Action Project Pitches

    • Event Time:14.30-15.30

      Workshops - Round Two

      • Workshop 3 is led by Sørine Vesth Rasmussen (2011 Cph Fellowship). This workshop will be a rodeo ride through tangible and easily applicable tools on Public Affairs, networking, stakeholder management and the like. What you need to bring: something that you find injust and want to change. Disclaimer: last year Sørine held this workshop with a 5 week old baby, but he's all grown now and won't be attending. The rest of the workshop will be similar to last year, so if you attended last year, you might want to choose something else.

        Location:Workshop 3: "Using Public Affairs for Human Rights promotion, a practical crash course"

      • Workshop 4 is led by Anne Katrine Ebbesen (2013 Cph Fellowship)

        Location:Workshop 4: "The church of human rights? Why the Danish national church sees itself as the key to integration"

    • Event Time:15.30-16.30

      Twisted Leaf Tasting & Diploma Ceremony

    • Event Time:16.30-16.50

      Spoken Word Performance

      • Sara Rahmeh, Spoken Word poet

    • Event Time:16.50-18.00

      Networking ....

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