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The Future of Human Rights

2018 Panel Debate

What is the future of Human Rights? Do they need to be re-evaluated and adapted to today’s societies? Is this a national affair or transnational? Have we already forgotten the not too distant past, and is the questioning of Human Rights a signal of danger?

Humanity in Action Denmark, International Debate CBS and Johan Borups Højskole joined forces and invited experts to discuss exactly these questions.

Thanks to the speakers for bringing their expertise and energy into the debate.

  • François Zimeray, H.E. the French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Morten Kjærum, Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Trine Christensen, Secretary-General Amnesty International Denmark
  • Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet, Head of Department for International Law and Human Rights at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


  • Paula Larrain, Editor, Journalist and Moderator