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Application Process

Apply from Denmark

Depending on where you are located, you may be eligible to apply to different Fellowship programs.


If you are a student or recent graduate living in Denmark, you have to apply through our Copenhagen office. As a Danish based applicant you can apply to the Copenhagen Fellowship, the Sarajevo Fellowship, and the Mapping Democracy Fellowship.  

Below you can read about:

  1. Application Requirements for Danish based applicants
  2. Eligibilty
  3. What Makes a Humanity in Action Fellow
  4. Fellowship Path
2020 Copenhagen Fellows

Application Requirements for Danish based applicants

If you are a Danish citizen or a foreign national living in Denmark for a min. period of 2 years AND enrolled at a Danish univetrsity or recent graduate, you are eligible to apply to the Humanity in Action Fellowships through the Danish office (read more about eligibility further down).

Your application is considered complete and submitted when we have received all requested documents and application responses. Applications that are incomplete or missing documentation after the deadline may not be considered.

  • 1 CV / Resume
  • 1 Copy of Un/official Educational Transcripts
  • 1 Personal Response – Motivation
  • An Action Project Idea (90 sec. video)
  • Recommendation Letters

Selection Process

The selection process involves two phases.

Phase I: early to late-March

During the first phase, a Selection Committee of Humanity in Action Senior Fellows read over all of the applications and select a pool of finalists for further review.

Phase II: Early to mid-April

During the second phase, a small panel consisting of members of the Selection Committee, board members and Humanity in Action Staff will conduct group interviews with finalists.

Mid to late April

The final selections are made based on applications and interview.

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Before you begin your application, please be sure that you are eligible to apply. Read here our detailed information on what criteria we ask applicants to meet. Applications received from individuals who are not eligible will not be considered.

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants for the Copenhagen Fellowship

Applicants to the Humanity in Action Fellowship in Copenhagen must be one of the following:

  • currently enrolled students from Denmark
  • students enrolled in a university in Denmark, Southern Sweden, Greenland or the Faroe Islands (regardless of nationality), or
  • recent graduates from Denmark or from one of the above mentioned universities (for the 2023 Fellowship, we define recent graduates as individuals who graduated 2022 or 2021).

If you are a Danish citizen studying at a foreign university, you are eligible to apply to the Humanity in Action Fellowship through Denmark. If you are a Danish student studying at a university in Bosnia and Herzegovina or the United States, you may also be eligible to apply through the Humanity in Action offices in those countries. Please contact those offices directly to confirm your eligibility.

If you are a non-Danish citizen studying at a university in Denmark, you are eligible to apply to the Humanity in Action Fellowship through the Danish office.

If you are a student or recent graduate from and/or based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States or Ukraine, please select this country’s name from this page to view their application information. If you are unsure through which country’s application you should be applying, please contact

Applicants may apply to the Humanity in Action Fellowship programs in Denmark, USA and Sarajevo through a single application and may indicate preference for one of more programs. However, we cannot guarantee a certain city of participation.

More questions? Please reference our FAQs page for more information.

What Makes a Humanity in Action Fellow

What makes a Humanity in Action Fellow?

We look for Fellows who will stay engaged in the Humanity in Action community — whether serving as mentors, facilitating local community meetings or contributing their many talents to the activities of the network.

We look for Fellows who are engaged with our mission and stay engaged in the Humanity in Action community.

Our Fellows commit to

  • participating in the full programming of the intensive four-week educational program as well as in pre-Fellowship calls and readings;
  • delivering program assignments in a timely manner;
  • share responsibility for creating a supportive, collaborative community of Fellows;
  • completing their Action Project within 11 months of the on-site educational component of the program;
  • sharing evaluations with Humanity in Action throughout and after the Fellowship to advance the program for future cohorts.

Successful candidates

  • are current college and university students or recent graduates from one of our Fellowship countries;
  • seek an educational experience that combines academic research and accounts of lived experience; that underscores how historical and cultural dynamics shape a society in the local context of the Fellowship program; that imparts an awareness of how different cultures and norms of belonging impact perceptions of truth; and that deepens and challenges the ability to navigate tensions within diverse societies;
  • care deeply about social justice, human rights, and the values of pluralism and liberal democracy and are committed to a continued civic engagement to mediate contemporary socio-political tensions and realities;

Our Fellows thrive in collaborative learning and peer-to-peer educational approaches, by being both reflective and self-reflective, critical and self-critical.

  • demonstrate openness, humility, and a readiness to challenge one’s own preconceptions;
  • engage in difficult yet constructive and meaningful dialogue; appreciate the complex interweavings of many identities and perspectives;
  • reach beyond their comfort zone and be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable;
  • allow space for misunderstanding and mistakes in the process of learning; and be willing to acknowledge others’ learning and healing processes;
  • aspire to strengthen the Humanity in Action Network through educational, professional, and grant opportunities that foster human rights, lifelong learning and cross-cultural exchange.

The Fellowship Path

Fellowship Path

Learn about the journey toward joining our community of over 3,000 Fellows and Senior Fellows.

After a successful application, we ask our Fellows for their commitment to arrive to the program well-prepared, for their full presence during the intensive three-week on-site program and for making meaningful contributions to their own communities through the implementation of an Action Project within the remaining eleven months of the Fellowship.

Prior to the Fellowship

As a part of the year-long Fellowship, Fellows commit to fully participate in an intensive four-week educational program (a virtual international program and an in-person program). All Fellows receive a reading list one month in advance of the on-site programs. Humanity in Action expects its Fellows to have read and engaged with the texts by the time the Fellowship programs kick off. The reading materials serve as background information and will not be separately discussed the programs.

During the On-Site Fellowship Program

The Humanity in Action Fellowship programs are intensely challenging on an intellectual, social and emotional level. Full-time commitment is required from every participant during the program. We expect respectful debate and dissent as minority opinions are aired.

Our Fellows demonstrate openness, humility, and a readiness to challenge one’s own preconceptions.  

To probe these matters and engage in learning and growth, the programs expect and require maturity, openness, dedication, and a generosity of spirit from each of the Fellows.

After the On-Site Fellowship Program

As a requirement of participation, Fellows are obligated to conduct a hands-on outreach initiative, an Action Project, in their own communities. The initiative should reflect the Humanity in Action Fellowship experience. Action Projects are executed within eleven months after the on-site educational portion of the Fellowship ends at the fellows’ own pace. The intensity of the part-time commitment will depend on the scope and duration of the project.

Our Fellows are committed to a continued civic engagement to mediate contemporary socio-political tensions and realities.  

For their Action Projects, past Fellows engaged in community organizing, created films, hosted workshops, presented at conferences, or started organizations. Humanity in Action staff offer guidance to Fellows as they work to complete their Action Projects.

Joining the Community of Senior Fellows

Fellows who successfully complete the on-site program and implement their Action Projects are invited to join the Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network. Senior Fellows are offered a wide range of opportunities to take part in – conferences, professional Fellowships, leadership training, study trips, seminars, grant competitions and access to our alumni intraweb where everything from job to couchsurfing opportunities are shared.

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