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“Gamifying EU Realities in BIH: Board Games Paving Ways to Youth Engagement in EU-related Matters in BiH” is an educational and participatory initiative that uses board games to involve and educate young people in BiH about the European Union, relevant EU process and the EU integration of BiH, in the context of civic and democratic youth engagement within various local communities and in other spheres of public-policy making. The project is supported by the European Union and the British Council BiH, as part of the program EU Scheme for Young Professionals.

This project targets young participants across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its impact is further widened through a teaching guide and toolkit designed to affect the needed changes, in both formal and non-formal educational settings.

The Project

This project aims to make the EU and EU-related affairs part of the learning process among highschool and university students in BiH through interactive and educational tools (board games) created by youth participating in the project. Instilling knowledge about EU values, institutions and policies as part of this course will lead to multiple generations of Bosnian citizens being educated about the European Union, and thus better informed future EU citizens and young professionals once BiH advances in the EU accession process and finally joins the EU.

A total of 12 young people will come and work together at a 3-day long Board Games Laboratory in Sarajevo, under the supervision of experienced mentors, to develop 3 board games focused on the EU and EU-related affairs, and themes directly connected to BiH’s integration accession in the EU (policies, values, actors/agents, institutions, other relevant fields).

The board games will be designed, printed, and pilot-tested in several game sessions organized by participants at their home-towns, for example at their high-schools/universities or public libraries. They will draft individual session reports, while the project team will draft a country report outlining games’ advantages and shortcomings based on the “pilot-testing” sessions.

All participants will meet again (online) to discuss the sessions’ outcomes and improve games’ functionality features based on their own reports and the general feedback they receive from the players. They will then jointly draft a toolkit, film promotional videos and instructions for online ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) interactive sessions for teachers/ CSO facilitators. Finally, the board games will be disseminated across BiH, in printed or online versions.

Project Objectives

  • fostering the capacity of interdisciplinary cooperation and interaction among youth coming from various parts of BiH, improving their ability to understand different and interconnected facets of civic and democratic engagement in the fields related to the EU and BiH’s integration into the Union;
  • training a group of young thinkers in sound interdisciplinary cooperation and research and develop their skills in making educational tools and peer-to-peer education related to the EU affairs and other democratic processes related to the BiH’s integration into the Union;
  • build youth’s capacity through establishing a network of “game-makers” that work together to foster engagement of their peers in BiH and to engage in EU affairs and other EU-related matters.

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Project Associates: Una Redžić, Nataša Gavrić and Sonja Turić

Project Participants

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