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Populism, Nationalism and Right-Wing Movements on the Rise – Societies in Transition

Analyzing populism, nationalism and right-wing movements in Europe and the US, their activities and their impact on our societies.

Update: This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Humanity in Action can no longer host the ten-day Forum entitled “Populism, Nationalism and Right-Wing Movements on the Rise – Societies in Transition” in Berlin from March 20 to 29, 2020 due to the current developments in relation to COVID-19.


Recent years have shown that right-wing political narratives in Europe and the United States have received unprecedented popular support since the Second World War. They are united by the use of discourses based on nationalist, anti-immigrant, Antisemitic, anti-Muslim and anti-minority positions. Socially, these developments pave the way for a “normalization” of dehumanization and verbal as well as physical violence against others. Politically, they have an effect on policy-making as well as forthcoming elections.

These developments are of direct concern to our community and to our mission as an international educational organization with offices in the United States and six European countries. The Forum in Berlin will discuss these trends in terms of their impact on human rights, minority communities and pluralism.

What does the program offer?

25 alumni of Humanity in Action – Fellows and Senior Fellows from around the world – will come together as a community of human rights leaders to:

  • enhance and share their knowledge, skills, and expertise;
  • reflect collectively on their own positions and practical experiences with voting behaviour, the impact of right-wing policies and rising extremist views in Europe;
  • learn and teach peer-to-peer; and to
  • network with civil society organizations and human rights initiatives, experts, activists, and members of the Humanity in Action community.

The Forum will be informal in nature and include several social activities. Exploring the political urban space in Berlin is part of the curriculum. Humanity in Action Germany hosts the Forum.

Financial Aspects

Humanity in Action covers the costs of participation, accommodation (in shared dorms), local transportation and many meals for participants in Berlin. Participants are encouraged to bring additional spending money with them to the program to cover off-program expenses such as food and social activities outside of programming.

Participants will be responsible for financing the cost of the roundtrip from their location to Berlin. We offer travel stipends granted on a financial need basis. Instructions for requesting a travel stipend will be shared with candidates after they have accepted their participation.

Questions? Please reach out!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.


We thank our supporters for their generous support.