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Addressing Antisemitism



Humanity in Action was founded on an abiding interest in the flight and rescue of Jews in Denmark in 1943 and the implications of this event on contemporary human rights. Over twenty years later, the Humanity in Action community continues to be invested in addressing Antisemitism thorough various means.

Antisemitism remained a dominant issue at Humanity in Action even during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many of our Senior Fellows and other members of the community lead projects directly addressing it.

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows execute incredibly informative projects.

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Helen Kramer (2017 Berlin Fellowship) shares her thoughts and feelings about being fearlessly Jewish in a moment of rising polarization, hatred and antisemitic violence in the United States. The article is available here.

“Against Urban Antisemitism” was a campaign led by Senior Fellow Jan Kirschenbaum to counter the Antisemitic rhetoric and non-action of the Polish government through a walking tour, a game, a book, workshops and more. Over 600 people in the city of Wrocław took part:

Abolishing Antisemitism is further visible in the work of Landecker Democracy Fellows.

Landecker Fellow Tomasz Cebulski launched “Teen Flying University,” an educational project for young people aimed at raising awareness of local history and promoting memorial sites in Poland.

To learn more about what the Humanity in Action community does on the topic of Antisemitism, visit the Addressing Antisemitism page.