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PAX Power to the People x HIA Talks: Activism: profession, hobby, or lifestyle?



In the context of the National Peace Week 2020, Humanity in Action The Netherlands, in collaboration with PAX Power to the People, organized the event ACTIVISM: PROFESSION, HOBBY, OR LIFESTYLE? On Sunday September 20, 2020, we spoke with several ‘changemakers’ about their activism.

The keynote was held by Senior Fellow Mitchell Esajas (2016 John Lewis Fellowship), who shared his personal story on how his activism started, the impact it has on his daily life, and the lessons he has learned.

Associate Director of the John Lewis Fellowship and Senior Fellow Hanane Abouellotfi  (2014 Amsterdam Fellowship) was one of the panel members. Together with theatre maker Jelle Zijlstra and local council member (D66) Mohammed Saiah, a constructive conversation was held on the negative connotation behind the term ‘activist,’ different forms of activism, and intersectionality in activism. The discussion was moderated by journalist Hasna el Maroudi.

Are you curious about Mitchell’s story and the panel discussion? The livestream can be found here (In Dutch):

PAX Power to the People: Activisme: beroep, hobby of leefstijl

Activisme is protest, maar het is ook zo veel meer. Wat houdt activisme precies in? Is het een baan? Een overtuiging?Full time activisme is mentaal nauwelijks vol te houden en daarom maar voor weinigen weggelegd.Maar betekent dat dan dat je geen verschil kan maken als je er niet 24/7 mee bezig kan zijn? Nee!

Posted by PAX on Sunday, September 20, 2020


Mitchell: “If activism was a profession, I would be a millionaire right now considering all the hours I put into our struggle. But we do it out of passion.”