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Decent Housekeeping



Decent Housekeeping aims to improve the working conditions of domestic workers in the Netherlands by raising awareness among employers. Senior Fellows Floortje Anna de Jong, Sigal Liberman and Ayla Murad found it alarming that the Dutch public was so uninformed about the lack of formal documentation in domestic work agreements, and that both employers and employees were engaging in such agreements without fully understanding their rights and obligations. Formal documentation of any employer-employee relationship is extremely important, as it creates a professional environment in which both parties are aware of their rights and obligations within the working relationship. Yet such formal documentation rarely exists in the case of domestic work in the Netherlands. Domestic work is a unique profession, as the employee is working exclusively within the private sphere of the employer. The private nature of this form of employment is often cited as one of the reasons why there is no clear formal working relationship between domestic workers and their employers in the Netherlands.