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Introduction to Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks



Published in 2014, Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks is an anthology of written works by Judith Goldstein, the founder and executive director of Humanity in Action. Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks is available for purchase as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

These essays share a common base of concerns about pluralism, resilience, civic engagement, resistance, democratic societies and the efforts to oppose discrimination, autocratic regimes and conflict aimed at specific minorities. The subjects are those that spring from the mission of Humanity in Action—a mission that depends upon connecting past to present and educating students and young professionals immersed in both domestic and global issues and responsibilities.

I am most grateful to the many constituencies in Humanity in Action who have encouraged the thoughts and ideas expressed in the essays and talks. I have benefited, in particular, from the fine editing skills of Antje Scheidler and Anthony Chase.