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'LGBT+ ON THE FAROE ISLANDS' - from the 2022 HUMAN RIGHTS Cph Fellowship podcast series



During the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts. The Fellows where free to choose a topic, but all episodes touch upon issues related to Human Rights.

LGBT+ on the Faroe Islands

This episode is a special coverage of LGBT+ rights in the Faroe Islands. The theme of this year’s Copenhagen Fellowship was The Unity of the Realm and Human Rights. Diving into the cultural differences between the three countries making up this unity (Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands) made some of the Fellows curious to now more about the LGBT+ community in the Faroe Islands. They had the pleasure of meeting Finn Ferjá (he/him), with the alter ego Miss Boogie. In this episode Finn tells his own story, and the story of the improvement of LGBT+ rights in the Faroe Islands.

This episode is created by Caroline Lindey, Liudmyla Lesiv, and Julius Jensen.

A big thank you to Finn Ferjá (external lecturer and native of the Faroe Islands) for participating in the podcast.

LGBT+ Rights on the Faroe Islands, Finn Ferja