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Thank you to our 2019 US Review and Admissions Committees



Humanity in Action received 327 applications for our Fellowships in Europe and Atlanta this year. We are so grateful to the dedicated Senior Fellows and friends who volunteered their time and energy in reading and reviewing applications. As per every year, this would be an impossible task without the support, experience and expertise of our community.

Our 2019 Admissions Committee:

Tosin Agbabiaka, Kali-Ahset Amen, Anoush Baghdassarian, Raissa Biekman, Eboné Bishop, Chris Breiseth, Julia Brooks, Mike Ewart, Bojan Francuz, Robert Friedman, Beth Goldberg, Judith Goldstein, Danielle Goonan, Yael Herskovits, Mark Kharas, Helen Kramer, Laura Lasance, Cynthia Livingston, Hanane Abouellofti, Heather Lord, Louis Lu, Katie Manbachi, Elidor Mehilli, Amre Metwally, Nick Micinski, Zach Neumann, Ashley Portillo, Peter Schuck, Michael Scott, Whitney Sherrill, Jamie Sohngen, Zaakir Taamez, Mohamed Taguine, Aisha Turner, Sylwia Vargas, Warren Wechsler, Adrian Wilairat, Christine Yu, Jasmin Hasic, Zarja Markovic

The Admissions Committee is made up of members of the American Planning Board, staff and other volunteers who have more extensive experience in application reviews, interviews and/or the Fellowship programs.

Our 2019 Review Committee:

Kali-Ahset Amen, Hope Anderson, Rita Astoor, Anna Bachan, Anoush Baghdassarian, Meredith Blake, Christopher Breiseth, Charlie Burger, Sophia Burns, Martin Caver, Allister Chang, Sarah Chase, Nicole Chi, Cassandra Chislom, Heidi Chiu, Katherine Clifton, Adam Cohen, Bill De La Rosa, Sarah Dillard, Tod Etheredge, Mike Ewart, Roberto Flores, Kyra Fox, Bojan Francuz, Nathan Furukawa, Sandrine Gil, Beth Goldberg, Judy Goldstein, Kayeromi Gomez, Mrs. Gonson, Jessica Gonzalez, Ayan Goran, Cynthia Graae, Elizabeth Grossman, Esmeralda Herrera, Betsy Hewlett, Giovanni Iaboni, Ella Tazuana Johnson, Jennifer Jun, Mark Kharas, Dylan Kitts, Andrew Kovtun, Detmer Kremer, Magali Lapu, Ashley Lawrie, May Lim, Timothy Loh, Hanane Abouellotfi, Elliot Mamet, Merry Manson, Katrina Martell, Kenny Martin, Vaclav Masek, Kathryn McDonald, Emily McDonnell, Benjamin Mericli, Amre Metwally, Kendell Miller-Roberts, Ava Morgenstern, Raymond Moylan, Crystal Napoli, Anna Nelson-Daniel, Tuan Nguyen, Gino Nuzzolillo, Eli Plenk, Chelsea Racelis, Jalyn Radziminski, Paull Randt, Hannah Sachs, Jennine Sawwan, Aaron Scherf, Michael Scott, Doron Shiffer-Sebba, Kevin Solomon, Virginia Spinks, Pedro Spivakovsky-Gonzalez, Brian Stout, Yumika Takeshita, Christa Tandana, Kevin Tang, Shiloh Tillemann-Dick, Jessica Tollette, Katherine Trujillo, Elaine Vilorio, Hannah Wagner, Corey Walker, Erica Webb, Warren Wechsler, Adrian Wilairat, Jianhang Xiao, Yuan Yuan, Catherine Zinnel.

The Review Committee is made up of volunteers from the Humanity in Action Network who sign up to read and review applications. If you are interested in joining the Review Committee for the coming cycle, please sign up here.

We would love to give a special shout-out to those who participated in our Housereading Parties in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco/Seattle and Washington, DC:

Anoush Baghdassarian, Meredith Blake, Sarah Dillard, Nathan Furukawa, Beth Goldberg, Jessica Gonzalez, Ella Tazuana Johnson, May Lim, Timothy Loh, Ava Morgenstern, Anna Nelson-Daniel, Eli Plenk, Jalyn Radziminski, Jennine Sawwan, Elaine Vilorio, Adrian Wilairat