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Donations Campaign: 25 Years of Humanity in Action The Netherlands



Our journey began with the first Amsterdam Fellowship in 1999, and since then, nearly 300 Fellows have partaken in our collaborative learning programs and launched transformative local Action Projects.

Your contribution makes it possible to continue our work. Join us on the next 25 years of our journey and donate now!

Our programs have significant impact on the Fellows: 80 percent of Fellows indicates to have gained new knowledge about democracy, inclusiveness, and human rights; four out of five former participants stipulate that Humanity in Action helps them to reflect on their position in society; more than half of them makes different career choices, driven by the impact of our program, and 80 percent indicates that creating societal impact plays a central role in their personal lives.

As we celebrate 25 years of Humanity in Action, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting dialogue and encouraging action.

Support us in our mission in connecting and inspiring young people to champion human rights, democracy, and inclusivity in society. Your contribution enables us to continue fostering this network of changemakers, prepared to face the challenges of our increasingly polarized society.

Learn more about our programs here.