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25 Years of Humanity in Action The Netherlands



Since our first Amsterdam Fellowship in 1999, nearly 300 Fellows have partaken in our collective learning programs and built local impact projects. To continue our work for the next 25 years, we kindly ask for your support. Donate today!

Populism and polarization are on the rise in the Netherlands, and human rights are continuously under pressure. In recent years, we saw the consequences of a child benefit scandal, the rise of extreme right parties, and a genocide in Gaza backed by Western actors. This has taught us that democratic values are not a given. At Humanity in Action, we believe in the power of education and dialogue to counter these trends.

“The Dutch are increasingly worried about polarization, politics, and democracy.” 

De Volkskrant (2022)

As Humanity in Action The Netherlands celebrates its  25th anniversary, we want to continue to inform, connect, and inspire young people to engage in dialogue and take action for human rights, democracy, and an inclusive society. Your contribution enables us to keep building a network of changemakers.

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